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Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning provided on customized frequency (daily, biweekly, weekly)

Service Description

Your employees and customers expect a clean and safe work environment to thrive when they're in the office. We specialize in providing commercial cleaning programs. Our plans are customized based on the unique needs of your facility. Office Space Cleaning • Vacuum and mop all floors • Dust and cobweb removal • Clean mirrors & interior windows (not requiring a ladder) • Clean & disinfect doorknobs and light switchers • Clean and disinfect all hard surfaces in office • Empty all waste containers into exterior garbage return Restroom Cleaning • Dust and cobweb removal • Clean and disinfect all surface tops • Clean mirrors & windows (not requiring a ladder) • Clean and disinfect toilet and sinks • Mop all floors • Empty all trash receptacles into exterior garbage return • Disinfect light switches, doors, doorknobs Kitchens • Vacuum and mop all floors and dust baseboards • Dust and cobweb removal from walls & cabinets • Clean all surface tops • Shine exterior of all appliances • Clean sink and faucet • Clean microwave • Clean all interior windows in reach (not requiring a ladder)

Contact Details


7018 Kitson Dr NE, Rockford, MI, USA

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