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Our Team

Who We Are    

We provide commercial & residential cleaning services in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Our mission is to serve our customers and provide cleaning services that contribute to healthier environments. 

OUR Values     

Lead with Integrity & Honesty

  • We do what is right not what is easy

  • We tell the truth


Respect & Love Others

  • We are friendly in all of our interactions

  • We follow the “golden rule” and treat others the way we want to be treated


We Serve Our Customers & Community

  • We are customer centric and strive to build lasting relationships

  • We will leave our communities better than how we found them

  • We care about the environment and will reduce carbon footprint

  • Philanthropy matters to us, we give a percentage of profits to mission driven causes


We’re Committed to Excellence

  • We’re not satisfied with the state quo

  • Everyday we strive to improve

  • We foster an environment where team members can thrive


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